2018 Tasting Packages


Buddy Package - $60.00

Two 4 oz. branded tasting glasses and eight pour tickets

Single Package - $40.00

One 4 oz. branded tasting glass and eight pour tickets


Additional Tasting Tickets:

$5.00 for 1 additional pour.

2018 Brewery Line Up

Beer, it makes everything better.

Check back soon to see what breweries will be attending the 2019 Burger & Brew Fest!

                                *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                             *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Alameda Island Brewing Co.


Alameda Island Brewing Company has a beautiful and inviting tasting room and patio, they offer tours of their facility and have created a welcoming space for families, kids, and even dogs (but only on the patio, please). Alameda Island’s facility is 10,000 square feet with a tasting room over 1,500 square feet. They are running a 20 barrel brew house, with a 40 barrel mash tun and 40 barrel fermenters. 

Brews: Rapid Pils + Island Haze IPA

                                 *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                              *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Ale Industries

oakland, CA

Ale Industries is not just in the business of "producing craft beer." Ale Industries is for the preservation of craft beer and its founding principals: challenging both your and their notion of what beer is, can, or should be.

Brews: cherry kush + beast oakland


Altamont Beer Works

livermore, CA

At Altamont Beer Works, they pride themselves on fresh beer. Their beers are draft only. All of their beers are produced on site. They have 10 rotating taps pouring the freshest beer in the area. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s they open an addition 7 taps in their back bar, that is actually located in their production brewery.

Brews: juice above the clouds + shot away ipa

                                 *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                              *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Anderson Valley Brewing

Boonville, CA

For over 25 years, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has been hand-crafting authentic ales and lagers with balance and complexity and a passion for sustainable brewing practices. Theirr large solar panel array provides over 40% of their electrical needs, while 100% of their waste water is treated and used for the irrigation of their goat pastures and estate hop fields. In addition, their spent grain is given to local cows and spent hops are used as a natural fertilizer



Buffalo Bill's Brewery

Hayward, CA

Perhaps no other brewery better personifies the maverick attitude of the microbrewing industry than Buffalo Bill’s Brewery. One of the first brewpubs in America, started in 1983, Buffalo Bill’s helped launch what has been coined the “Craft Beer Renaissance”.

Brews: Tasmanian Devil Double Ale + bLOOD Orange IMPERIAL Ale + BLUEBERRY OATMEAL STOUT


Drake's Brewing

San Leandro, CA

Drake's Brewing is passionate about brewing with integrity and bringing people together over great beer. With the gritty, artisan spirit that embodies the aast bay community they call home, Drake’s has been honing the perfect union of hops and grain since 1989.


                               *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                            *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Eight Bridges Brewing

Livermore, CA

Our beers combine traditional ingredients to create unique flavors which roll through your mouth and cover all styles from hoppy ales to malty lagers. In any brew, our goal is to produce beers with interesting flavors that will tease your senses.

Brews: GOLDEN NEKTAR PILSNER + hoppy salvation ipa


Fort Point Beer Co.

San Francisco, CA

Fort Point Beer Company is a New American brewery - the product of a thriving American craft beer culture, shaped by deeply San Franciscan values: quality craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation. They create balanced, thoughtful beers that reference traditional styles but are by no means bound to them. For them, brewing is the confluence of creative expression and refined technique. 

Brews: Kolsch Style Ale + Animal tropical IPA

                                  *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                               *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Golden Road Brewing

Los Angeles, CA

Golden Road is committed to engaging and supporting the growing community of socially-minded beer enthusiasts. Brewed and canned in California. Along with their core beers, Golden Road brewers are constantly experimenting with the freshest ingredients through a collection of rotating, seasonal and limited-edition brews.

Brews: Mango Cart + Wolf Pup

                               *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                            *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*


It takes adventurous spirit and irrepressible ingenuity to do things the Guinness way. From their humble beginnings in 1759 to the present day, they’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to bring you exceptional beer. But, while many milestones mark the way on their long and illustrious path, they’re not ones to rest on their laurels. As they like to put it: their greatest work is yet to come.

Brews: blonde american lager + irish wheat + extra stout + draught stout

                               *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                            *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Hermitage Brewing Co.


They are not a mainstream brewery. They don’t copy; they create. Their brewmasters are obsessive about their quality, and passionately focus on brewing beers that are flavorful, rich in character, aroma driven and unique. They make beers they want to drink. They are finding an audience for this. Are you with them? They’re always experimenting with new ideas and new approaches that take them–outside the ordinary.


                                  *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                               *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Hidden Star Orchards

San Leandro, CA

Hidden Star Orchards' hard apple cider is a true farmstead cider. Following a craft that dates back to the turn of the century, their cider is naturally fermented, bottle conditioned and water bathed. This produces an authentic effervescence with true apple flavor. They press their organic apples and bottle on site, claiming a personal touch in each step of the process.


                                  *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                               *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

JP Das Brew

Fremont, CA

At JP DasBrew, the goal is to brew world-class German-style beers with an American finish. The lively DasBrew Tasting Room boasts 8 delicious, hand-crafted beers on tap that rotate among their catalogue of over 20 session beers, IPAs, seasonals and specialty beers. In addition, growlers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bottle openers, and kegs are for sale!



Oakland United Beerworks

oakland, CA

Founded in 2009 as Linden Street Brewery, they became the first production brewery in Oakland in over 50 years. Although they are very small, brewing only around 1,100 barrels per year and growing, they are dedicated to providing Brewery Fresh Beer to their hometown of Oakland and neighboring communities.

Brew: black lager + kirschweizen

                                  *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                               *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*


San francisco, CA

Palmia is not just a summer brew. It’s a light beer made by people who understand that having a good time isn’t seasonal and, most importantly, should never be bland. Palmia enters the market poised to take you in flip flops or high heels to the center of the party…because it’s all about attitude!

Brew: Palmia

                               *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                            *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Shadow Puppet

Livermore, CA

Shadow Puppet Brewing Company, located in Livermore CA, is a family-owned craft brewery dedicated to bringing artisan beers to beer aficionados and novices alike.  We blend both traditional and innovative brewing techniques and ingredients to design unique, tasty brews for our local beer community.

Brews: Lush Nectar Hazy IPA + Kentucky Uncommon Amber Ale


Strike Brewing

San Jose, CA

Strike Brewing Company's goal was to bring beer that was high quality, consistent, and innovative to a deserving San José which at that time was underrepresented in the greater craft beer community. Since their inception, they have won numerous awards and local and national competitions, collaborated with breweries and community groups, and established themselves as a local hangout with an extensive taplist. 

Brews: lumber buster  american brown ale + willie haze ipa

                              *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

                           *Brewery Reps will be present at the Fest*

Working Man Brewing Co.

Livermore, CA

Working Man Brewing is a full production microbrewery. The company’s brewers have each spent years working to perfect great beer recipes. Beer geeks at heart, both will tinker and tweak the ingredients until the product is just right. The main goal always being to make a beer they could be proud to share and proud to drink. They never let a beer go out the door that they don’t believe in. 

Brews: raspberry Cream Ale + 9 to 5 Pale Ale

2018 People's Choice Best Brew


The Winner!

Palmia, lemon infused lager

Palmia is much more than a refreshing, naturally lemon-infused beer. It is our 90 calorie love letter to good taste. Inspired by adventures on the coast of Spain, our dream was to bring a new choice to the light beer market, a lager that has superior flavor & offers a long overdue alternative to all the other watered-down beer brands. Whether you find yourself relaxing at the beach or just spending time with friends after work, Palmia wants your time & your beer to be of the highest quality..

2018 Sangria Line Up

Not a huge beer drinker? The 2018 Fest had delicious Artisanal sangria from Bass Note!



* Blackberry Sage Sangria                  * Cherry Lime Almond Sangria

Peach Tarragon Sangria                   * Cali Press Rose (2017)                                                                   



Safety Reminders

it's important to us that everyone who attended the burger & Brew Fest Drinks responsibly.

so, we showed our support for responsible drinking, with these offers at the 2017 fest...